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1 gepp1 commented Permalink

Hi David, <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm curious on how much faster it can get on an Android device. I was quite disappointed with Windows mobile devices capabilities... Anyhow, you seem very optimistic so I would give it a try. Do you have any device in mind when you wrote "this new Android release will knock your socks off" ? :-) <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <div>&nbsp;</div> Jean-Pierre

2 DavidHavican commented Permalink

The Samsung Galaxy devices are all pretty nice and perform quite well. In our testing we saw varying degrees of improved performance. In some places it was up to 10 times faster in other places we saw 50% improvements.

3 gepp1 commented Permalink

Good to know. <br /> What about rugged handheld devices? Did you use one in your testing? <br /> I see that the manufacturers are slow to produce one that runs on Android... I'm not sure there is one on the market as of today...

4 DavidHavican commented Permalink

We tested on a semi ruggedized Motorola ET-1. We did not test with it, but there is a Dolphin 7800 that comes with Android now.

5 gepp1 commented Permalink

Thanks for the info David.

6 ElinP commented Permalink

Hi David, does Maximo Mobile for Android support offline work the same way running on a PDA does? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Elin

7 SASHULL commented Permalink

ElinP it does handle offline. As far as I'm aware, there are no limitations in what it can do compared to the Windows Mobile version and we have not noticed any in our testing environments.

8 DavidHavican commented Permalink

@ElinP - Yes, the Maximo Mobile capabilities are pretty much identical on the Android devices. In fact, Android offers a couple additional capabilities like voice to text and the ability to take a picture and automatically attach it as an attached document and bar code scanning with the Android's camera.

9 ElinP commented Permalink

Great, thanks a lot!