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1 Haz@WAS7.0 commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> I found this article very useful. I have followed your steps and getting error when adding repositories to Installation manager. I have three folder (disk1,disk2,disk3). I could add disk folders repository.config to IM but when Im adding disk2 or disk3 folders repository.config im getting error. <div>&nbsp;</div> "C:\WAS Repositories\was.repo.8550.developers.ilan_part2\disk2\ad can not be opened directly. It is part of a disc set and is used by opening disk 1 of this disk set. Disk1 wa not found" <div>&nbsp;</div> Can you please help me here?

2 RichardLesses commented Permalink

The message is correct; that WebSphere repository is a single repository composed of three files. You only need to add the first file. See the "Assumptions" section above and make sure that you have combined the two sets of three packages into two folders.