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1 Venkataseshan commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> I have a query. My asset is a part of loop calibration based on my asset's physical or Mx Location. So, if it is removed or swapped from the location, it will be no longer part of Loop calibration. But, in Mx loop relationship of the asset remain unchnaged evena fter it is moved or swapped from the location. <div>&nbsp;</div> Is my understanding correct? Please clarify.

2 LisaStuckless commented Permalink

In the Select Action menu of the Asset Application when you move/swap an asset you can move/swap the asset from the physical location along with the loop location at the same time to keep them in sync. In the Location application you would see the assets associated with the Loop not the physical location.

3 Venkataseshan commented Permalink

Hi Lisa, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks. Useful information.

4 Venkataseshan commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> I tried using Asset Swap functionality. But it does not contain changing Loop Location of Assets during Swap. And also when I move Asset out of Loop Location, it is not possible to move it out of Loop Location, but it contains functionality to take it into Loop Location. <div>&nbsp;</div> I believe, I clearly put my queries. Please let me know if you need further clarification on this. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks.