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1 sunk818 commented Permalink

In WebSphere, the LTPA timeout of 120 minutes was not renewing when the Maximo session was active. I know we set our maximo session to 30 minutes and LTPA timeout to 120 minutes. User would be forcibly kicked off Maximo in the middle of working after two hours. We had to set the LTPA timeout to something higher (10 hours) so users did not experience this sudden disconnection from the Maximo application. <div>&nbsp;</div> I know the comment is not related to LDAP filtering, but I thought I take a stab since you mentioned Maximo &amp; LDAP! :)

2 Shane Howard commented Permalink

Hi Sun, <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm not sure if you have seen the following document, but it describes LTPA token time out scenario quite well. You should be using the cacheCushionMax property in conjunction with the LTPA time out value. This property checks the cache to determine which sessions are valid or invalid based on its value, if a new request is made when the expiration time is less then the cacheCusionMax it will update the LTPA session\expiration period. <div>&nbsp;</div>