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Thank you for the detailed explanation. I wish I had this when we were upgrading to Maximo <div>&nbsp;</div> I will only add that even with Maximo, when you use a URL with the end containing appserver=true, you will run into issues with sessionid handling. For example, you will get stuck on the maximo login screen if the browser session is still active. <div>&nbsp;</div> The best URL for us has been to use: http://maximo:9080/maximo/ui/ (the trailing backslash after UI is very important.., otherwise, all the Maximo system images can't be found).

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Great explanation. <div>&nbsp;</div> But What has happened with user management ? I mean, If a user is changed to inactive in LDAP, would it be changed to inactive in maxusers table? <div>&nbsp;</div> How can we sync status or other fields between LDAP and Maximo user/person? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you in advance.