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Hi Tom, <br /> index tuning and database statistics update are always great to improve system performances. I know what it means to start from a 20 seconds hourglass screen to an instant display of 1000 rows! <br /> However, when things become complex and tables gets huge you should start thinking of implementing an archiving solution. IBM has a great solution called 'Maximo Archiving with Optim Data Growth Solution'. <br /> This is the official IBM page: <br /> This may help keeping tables at a reasonable size and stabilize overall performances over time. <br />

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Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> My DBA insists on updating statistics via standard DBA tools instead of using Update Statistics in Maximo. <br /> Do you know what Update statistics does? <div>&nbsp;</div> We are on Oracle 10, Maximo <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Alexey

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Thanks for the tip!

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bportaluri - <br /> Maximo Archiving with Optim is an excelle solution in order to reduce table size to help with performance. The larger tables grow the greater the potential for performance to become an issue if not managed properly. <div>&nbsp;</div> spivot- <br /> The Select Action - Update Statistics in the configure app runs a stored procedure on Oracle called maximo_gather_table_stats() for each table. The procedure executes DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS(ownname =&gt; schema_owner, tabname =&gt; table_name, cascade =&gt; true), which is a general purpose way to update all the stats for that table. <div>&nbsp;</div> This is provided as a convenience for smaller customers. Makes it easy to maintain stats when the Maximo Admin is also the Windows Admin and Oracle DBA. <div>&nbsp;</div> An experienced DBA managing a Maximo (TPAE) Oracle database can certainly maintain the statistics instead of the Maximo admin doing it via Configure. There is a functionality in the DBMS_STATS package for more detailed management which is not available through the Update Statistics action. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> chon- <br /> You're Welcome! :)

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Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> Can you please tell that how frequently we need to run Update statistics? <div>&nbsp;</div> -Priyanka