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1 Andy.Lillo commented Permalink

Why don't u show a demo?

2 Pankajsharma25 commented Permalink

Rightly said. Completely agree. We were able to save greatly on maintenance of class files by utilizing these conditions. Java class is easier to implement but high on maintenance whereas this functionality requires a little more understanding about creating these processing rules with no or minimum future maintenance. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Pankaj Sharma

3 maximo_TND commented Permalink

This is very nice information. This provides the info on MIF capabilities. <br /> It will be great help if some example for 1) Splitting Inbound or Outbound value into two parts or other way round, 2)Setting default value to some inbound or Outbound attributes and Use of CSS for processing rules will provided or some sort of link where we can see some examples. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> This will be great help.