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1 JishanthParaprath commented Permalink

Hi RickRhea, <div>&nbsp;</div> Not exactly related to this post,but i would like to ask a question on the 'DEBUG' mode in the websphere application server. Do you have any idea if we enable the debug mode in production, will it impact the performance on the Maximo JVM? <br /> We do have performance problem and are yet to implement the suggested JVM Arguments, but we had noticed the production instance have the DEBUG mode turned on in websphere. So we wanted to rule out the possibility of enabling 'DEBUG' mode causing a performance degrade. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Jishanth

2 RickRhea commented Permalink

Hi Jishanth, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your comment. While we don't have any hard data about the performance impact of the debug settings, from what I hear there is at least a small amount of overhead for generating the debug info. However, probably more importantly, the debug settings likely don't have any of the optimal settings that we recommend in place. <div>&nbsp;</div> So, I would recommend that you turn off the debug mode and apply the settings from the best practices document recommended in the blog as soon as posssible.