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this may be true that adding new field or section could benefit user by providing an additional information but all depends on context. I am also of the opinion that we should provide only minimum fields for the User which are required for him/her for doing their day to day job to keep it simple and avoid confusion. <div>&nbsp;</div> The data organization on the screen should follow a logical grouping of fields and they should not be spread out on the screens thus making the User to spend time in searching or locating. <br /> The fields or sections should be organized on the screen in such a way that their display order should guide them in their job. I am not sure if it is possible in any of the Maximo version with very little effort and not at the cost of UI performance but it will be great when User enters value for the first fields and tabs out then automatically next data entry fields' label color should change with cursor waiting in that field which attracts the User attention and also instructs the User that now they need to enter value for this field. <div>&nbsp;</div> We should avoid horizontal and vertical scroll bars as much as possible so that User can see all the fields in one single window/View thus saving their time. <br /> IF POSSIBLE, label for the fields should be short length, meaningful &amp; equal length for all fields, this not only helps in maintaining uniformity but also increases the readability. <div>&nbsp;</div> -Sanjay Patil