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1 gulfsoft commented Permalink

The string "MOSWOS" isn't in the mboweb/webmodule/WEB-INF/web.xml file on my server (which is at version What text do I need to add?

2 SachBalagopalan commented Permalink

You need to add a new section inside the block ..... MAXIMO MOSWOS pages accessible by authorised users /toolclient/* GET POST Also make sure the servlet mapping for toolclientservlet is defined. Here is a sample web.xml ... MBO Web Application Starts Report Engine Report Engine Startup Servlet ReportEngineStartupServlet 1 Report Tool Servlet Report Tool Servlet ReportToolServlet Server used to load MAXIMO Business Objects environment MAXIMO Startup Servlet MAXIMOStartupServlet psdi.servlet.MAXIMOStartupServlet 2 MAXIMOStartupServlet /maxcom/* Servlet to handle command line calls to the server Tool Client Servlet ToolClientServlet psdi.servlet.ToolClientServlet 10 ToolClientServlet /toolclient/* ReportToolServlet /reporttool/* MAXIMO Report Tool pages accessible by authorised users /reporttool/* GET POST MAXIMO MOSWOS pages accessible by authorised users /toolclient/* GET POST Roles that have access to MAXIMO Report Tool maximouser data transmission gaurantee NONE BASIC MAXIMO Web Application Realm MAXIMO Application Users maximouser Indicates whether to use Application Server security or not useAppServerSecurity java.lang.String 1 Remote Access Token Provider ejb/maximo/remote/accesstokenprovider Session Local Access Token Provider ejb/maximo/local/accesstokenprovider Session

3 FuDerek commented Permalink

Is there any update for Maximo 7.5 support? Understand the ITM version much match with corresponding Maximo version.