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1 gepp1 commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> Maybe I'm a bit late here but I'll try anyway. <div>&nbsp;</div> The addition of the set INVBAL_NOEXP which is a subset of INVBALANCES can lead to a double download of the data when lots are not used by an organization. <div>&nbsp;</div> I tried using only the master set INVBALANCES by replacing every occurence of the INVBAL_NOEXP but it seems that some background validations make use of them, like the "autocompleteitemnum" validation event. <div>&nbsp;</div> Could there be another way of using only 1 dataset for the INVBALANCES data? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks! <div>&nbsp;</div> JP

2 Thadeu Russo commented Permalink

Hi geep1, <div>&nbsp;</div> The reason we added INVBAL_NOEXP was because an issue with expired lots. The filter was complex and took time to filter in the local database. <div>&nbsp;</div> The changes you did in the xml (replace the domainid from INVBAL_NOEXP to INVBALANCES) is valid. To avoid the additional download of INVBAL_NOEXP, in the mobileinv.xml you can comment out the filters and dependencies for the data group and add something like 1=2 as a single where clause (remove the dependency from INVBALANCES and the lookup filters). You should not remove the whole object from the xml, just change the filter to avoid the download.

3 gepp1 commented Permalink

Hi Thadeu, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your reply. <br /> I understand that there are validations depending on the mobilembo INVBAL_NOEXP that won't trigger correctly if the set is empty. <br /> For example, in the Issue Handler, the method "handleRotatingAssetAndQtyFieldForRotating" uses INVBAL_NOEXP. <div>&nbsp;</div> This method is called from the "autocompleteitemnum" method. If you scan an item and there is no data in the INVBAL_NOEXP set, the lookup won't return associated data such as defined in the "nextsetattributes" of the lookup "iteminvbalisslookup". <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm probably missing something here. <br /> Thanks for your help <div>&nbsp;</div> JP