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1 dvisentin commented Permalink

Perhaps in the documentation should be written that session fail-over is not supported by Maximo. Just for clarity.

2 Dan_McConomy commented Permalink

Hi dvisentin, <div>&nbsp;</div> You can find that statement on the Symptoms of component failover page <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> "Symptoms during failover of the application server <div>&nbsp;</div> The following symptoms indicate that failover might have occurred during processing of the application server. Due to the internal design and implementation of Tivoli's process automation engine, the HTTP session state cannot be replicated across multiple servers. Because of this replication restriction, Tivoli's process automation engine does not support the session failover mechanism that is provided by the application server. As a result, users might lose some work when failure occurs."

3 dvisentin commented Permalink

Thank you Dan, I had not seen this doc-page.