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1 TomKennedy commented Permalink

I followed these instructions, including the Authorizations tips at the bottom. I did reconfigure the database. When I get the GL Account Maintenance Window, I do not see any components to choose from. I triple checked the GL Account Information and I do see the components were created. <div>&nbsp;</div> Why cant I see the Components on the GL Account Maintenance Window?

2 CamilaSoaresBelmonte commented Permalink

Hi Tom! Thanks for commenting! <br /> What maximo version do you have? Let me just check if I understood where you are so I'll try to help you. <br /> You did create the components in the Database Configuration app, then when you got into Chart of Accounts and tried to configure a GL Account for your organization, the components were'nt displayed when you used the GL Account's select value icon? Or you could create a GL Account but it's not being displayed in your Organization's list? <br /> I did some testing around and 7.6 enviornments and I could see the new component in the GL Component Maintenance window using the arrows, I almost didn't notice it! <br /> If you still cannot see it, maybe you could try to turn the admin mode ON and run the configdb. <br /> Hope it helps, but if doesn't, just let me know =)