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1 SASHULL commented Permalink

So I have to ask... is this possible in TCR 3.1 (which is based on 10.1 of Cognos) and are there any plans to update TCR to 3.1? <div>&nbsp;</div> I was very excited at Pulse last year to meet with the TCR team and discuss the 3.1 release and am surprised Maximo hasn't been entitled yet.

2 PamDenny commented Permalink

Hi. This functionality is currently enabled with Cognos 10.1 only. Cognos 10.1 is enabled thru Maximo's Direct Integration. It is not enabled for the TCR integration, which only supports up to Cognos 8.4.1 <div>&nbsp;</div> Additional details on the supported Maximo, Cognos and TCR versions can be found here <br />;myns=swgtiv&amp;mynp=OCSSLKT6&amp;mync=R <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you.