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1 heaven_rover commented Permalink

Hi! <div>&nbsp;</div> Is this OEE% by Location -- standard rep in Maximo? <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards. <br /> Sander.

2 PamDenny commented Permalink

Hi. Yes, the OEE report is one of the Maximo Delivered Reports. For a full listing of reports delivered with Maximo, please reference the V7 Report Booklets below. If you open up the included. xls file, you can either search on ASSET or OEE to find out more details on the OEE reports. <div>&nbsp;</div> The Maximo Version 7.5 Report Booklet can be downloaded here <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> And the Maximo Version 7.1 Report Booklet can be downloaded here <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you.

3 heaven_rover commented Permalink

Thanks a lot for the package. <div>&nbsp;</div> But now I have problem -- my OEE report is empty. I'm afraid there is some magic approach to attribut or some else reasons -- could you please give an advice?

4 PamDenny commented Permalink

Hi. Please read this BiLog entry at the url below. If your OEE report is empty, it may be that the values in the object KPIOEE are not populated. These values are not calculated by Maximo - they have to be brought in thru an external system. Some clients utilize the Maximo Integration Framework to import these values into the Maximo Database. Thank you. <div>&nbsp;</div>