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1 EiConklin commented Permalink

Are these new and wonderful audit table reports available for ISM TAMIT ? or only for ISM MAM? could they work for TAMIT ? at least for a_asset ? if so .. how can I obtain them ? <br /> Eileen Conklin ISM ITD /ISC TAMIT SME

2 PamDenny commented Permalink

Eileen - <div>&nbsp;</div> Hi. You can quickly check to see if these tables are in place in the demo data of your system by accessing the Database Configuration application. Then, follow the steps below - <div>&nbsp;</div> 1. Access the Advanced Search. Remove the 'N' from the field 'Internal' if it is there. <br /> 2. Then, in the object field, input the value 'A_ASSET' to see if the table exists. <div>&nbsp;</div> 3. Or another way, is to stay in the Database Configuration application - and access the Action Menu. <br /> 4. Select "Run Reports' and then Electronic Audit Transactions Report. On the request page for this report, click on the table, and that will show you the list of all Audit-Enabled tables. <div>&nbsp;</div> To set up the eAudit capability, the best reference is the Maximo System and Administrators Guide (SAG). You can find this guide here: or by searching on the Maximo Product Documentation. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks!