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1 spivot commented Permalink

Doesn't it make a single item issuing or receiving more complicated?

2 KBuonagurio commented Permalink

Hi Alexey ... great question! <div>&nbsp;</div> Out of the box....issuing or transferring a single item requires one additional click that was not necessary in the Issues and Transfers application. It's a reasonable trade-off given the increased breadth of functionality. There are many built-in 'timesavers' like the splitting functionality and the simplified, single tab flow that will, for most users, see broad gains in utility. <div>&nbsp;</div> If the additional click is unacceptable a customer can always create a simple workflow process that autostarts on save. It can evaluate the lines and if they are simple and valid lines, it can change status to complete without user intervention, and then it is the same # of clicks as Issue and Transfers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Hope that helps... <div>&nbsp;</div> - Kevin