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1 Bowser commented Permalink

Are there any plans to decouple Conditional UI from Security? If I want a "Reason" textbox to only and always be visible when the "Priority" is "1", I don't see why I should be forced to involve security / "sigoptions".

2 scottsd commented Permalink

This usecase makes sense to me and I have heard it from other customers, but surprisingly I don't see a RFE in our backlog for this. <div>&nbsp;</div> Can you go open one over here to track it? <div>&nbsp;</div>

3 scottsd commented Permalink

Rather than using the comments section to post questions, I've decided to use Google Moderator;t=20d2e8.40 so that the top-voted questions can be answered first (instead of answering them as they come in). Please go post questions and vote as much as you can before the meeting starts tomorrow so we have a good set of questions to begin with.

4 scottsd commented Permalink

Here's a link to the document on best practices... <div>&nbsp;</div>!/wiki/IBM%20Maximo%20Asset%20Management/page/Application%20configuration%20best%20practices

5 srinivas521 commented Permalink

I'm on hold from 11am EST today. Is this meeting happening now?

6 srinivas521 commented Permalink

Is there a link to the recorded session? thanks in advance

7 scottsd commented Permalink

Here's the recorded session srinivas521 <div>&nbsp;</div>;file=54ed9d33-1902-4f0e-bfff-c40357237713

8 VivianeBrasil commented Permalink

Scottsd, thank you for the link to the recorded session!!