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1 Bill Cary commented Permalink

One way all businesses can continue to improve support offerings is to gather feedback from clients. Conversely, the best way for clients to have impact on the people that serve them is when they provide feedback. All of us need to give and gather feedback to improve our experiences. When someone uses a support document that solves their problem, definitely rate the page and provide feedback if it's appropriate.

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Here is another spot you might find helpful. The Maximo Support team has developed some very specialized, context sensitive searches to solve problems by type rather than product or key word. One example might be a concern you have with performance. By using the key word search for performance you might find all documents that have the word performance in them but some documents related to performance may be about WebSphere configuration or LDAP or a database. The Maximo team has solved this problem with one click searches based on the type of problem you have. Try it out at <br /> <br /> and let us know what you think.

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Don't forget that there are apps available that simplify the organization of social media applications. One I use is TweetDeck (for PCs). This tool allows you to set up columns of important things you want to follow and it sorts incoming tweets into those columns. It does more than that but I'll let you experiment. Just Google TweetDeck to download it and play for a few minutes. <br />