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1 DavidT commented Permalink

I've been asked about the case where one DB2 LUW is DB2 AESE or InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 and the other is another DB2 such as DB2 pureScale 9.8 or ESE. The answer is simple. As long as you're only replicating between two DB2 LUWs, Q Replication comes at no additional cost in the DB2 AESE or InfoSphere Warehouse, but must be purchased for the other DB2.

2 Aufmuth commented Permalink

Link "the difference between Replication Server and the HRF" does not work.

3 DavidT commented Permalink

I have corrected the link that discusses the differences between Replication Server (InfoSphere Data Replication) and the HRF.

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