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Title: Fixlet ID 1400979 - Shows missing even after installing the patch <br /> Description : <br /> Hi <br /> Fixlet ID 1400979 : MS14-009 is showing as missing for few Servers even after deploying the patch on the servers. We are assuming there could be some problem in Relevances for this Patch. Request you to please recheck and release correct Fixlet on this,. So that we donot waste our time in investigations. Now a days we are seeing many fixlets like this and wasting our time in trying to fix multiple times which is a false alert on the TEM console. <br /> For investigation purpose I have attached few informations : <br /> 1) Screen captures of the failure showing <br /> 2) Log file attached, you can see the ending lines of this filxet deployed and it fixed and again it showing as relevant. <br /> 3) Screen capture showing that patch is deployed long back and still showing as missing. <br /> 4) 7 Relevances of this fixlet run on the server attached. <br /> Thank you.

2 CSC-Santosh commented Permalink

PMR raised for this issue : PMR : 75457,499,000 :