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1 sxr commented Permalink

Thanks for the time out related info. I'm also using HTTP import binding and have a http error code 400 issue. I was wondering if you ever faced this or have any solution for. Please let me know and i can provide you with more details.


2 RayTseng commented Permalink

Hi Sxr,

Thanks for the input. Error code 400 means bad request to the destination and doesn't reflect any known issue with the product..
Most likely the message you are sending via HTTP import isn't what your destination service was expecting.
You may want to review what is the expected format of the message as compared to the the message you are sending with HTTP Import (capture using tcp/ip monitoring)
You may want to use a standalone tool such as SOAPUI or the Poster plugin for Firefox to better narrow down exactly how you are to interact with your service.

3 cvianam commented Permalink

Hi Tse,

In yours tests, there was different behavior between to configure the "Read Timeout" parameter in the EAR package before deployment and to configure the same parameter in SCA Modules after deployment in Administrative Console ?

4 RayTseng commented Permalink

Hi cvianam,

I'm not sure if I understand your comment precisely, but I only did testing configuring the values in the project, not using the admin console.
However I suspect similar behavior would be in effect if you modify the values in the admin console, although it may take a restart for the values to take effect.
Some improvements to retry logic have been implemented since this entry was written. Please see