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1 chrisja commented Permalink

Hi Lalitha ,

how should i decide as a developer that target componet prefered interaction style is to keep Sync or Asyncor Any.
Example :in the same same module i had process1 , process2 implemented in this module and this processes2 can call a webservice in which is req and reply .
then wat is prefered interaction style for Process2.
can u help me?

2 Lalitha_Chandran commented Permalink

Hello Chris- Thank you for your question. But the question is not very clear. What I understand is that you want to know what should be the preferred interaction style on Process2 in the below scenario
Process1->Process2->WS import (req/resp)

The answer to this question will depend on your requirements. For example, is Process2 going to take a long time to respond? If so it is better to set the preferred interaction style to Async. But if you expect the response from Process2 to be very quick, you should set it to Sync.