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1 ChrisGWarp commented Permalink

Hi Matt.

There is a 4th option available, one that I use exclusively.
Most of your article is revolving around the developer's WID tooling. The WPS *runtime* has the|ws_ant.bat file available to it. The WPS profile includes the additional jar file, wpsanttasks.jar, that includes the serviceDeploy ant task.
A good SCM practice is to build on the target platform/architecture that you are doing to deploy on. We deploy onto AIX, so we build on AIX.
We also use this to build using Maven (which wrappers ws_ant: see
In addition, this level of tooling also allows us to use a Continuous Integration server (Hudson) to perform our builds and releases.
This approach has worked very well for us.

2 MattLuczkowiak commented Permalink

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reading and the informative comment. ws_ant is also a very useful tool to build with and with the WPS extensions for serviceDeploy it can easily be used as you state. Thank you for the great information!

3 tina168 commented Permalink

We use BPM751 standard and BPM8 standard.
Do you have any solution using Ant script for snapshot deployment?


4 MattLuczkowiak commented Permalink

Hi Tina,

Great question.
Unfortunately, the ant scripts currently can only be used in BPM for the advanced content (i.e. modules created with the IBM Integration Designer) and is addressed here:
If you are just looking for a scripted way to perform deployments with BPM Standard though, you can utilize the offline deployment procedure. More information on that may be found here: