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1 Gene Shen commented Permalink

Hi Bill, I downloaded the local info center and unzipped to a directory. When I tried to run the "help_start.bat", I got an internet connection error. I am running from a window box which doesn't have an internet connection.

I looked at the help_start and it specified a localhost. Why it asked for internet connection?

2 Bill Wentworth commented Permalink

Hi Gene.
Thank you for taking the time to submit your comment. I downloaded the information center myself and I didn't see an attempt to access the internet when I ran the command. I noticed that the command lists -host, which I know is localhost.

There are two suggestions:
- Change the -host parameter to -host localhost just to eliminate that possible issue
- Initially expand the information center infrastructure on a machine that has an Internet connection and then transfer the expanded directory structure to your machine without the Internet connection. It should not attempt to access an Internet connection unless you click Update.
In talking with an Information Architect, we have not seen the issue that you are reporting.