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1 YuanGuangYing commented Permalink

great article

2 P87V_In_Lee commented Permalink

Lots of good information. Thanks for the read. I also want to point out that another important factor is the UI customization. I ran into several customers who have decided to heavily customize the look and feel or even externalize the coach and/or the process portal. This is generally not an IBM recommended path because it affects the migration effort. Nevertheless in these cases, we'll need to do some more analysis to see how this might affect the overall migration approach.

3 Bill Wentworth commented Permalink

Thank you both for your comments!

4 sfrancis commented Permalink

Interestingly, at BP3 ( we've taken exactly the approach you mentioned - we've produced a formula. Given the source model, we fix-fee the migration effort for IBM BPM customers with the analysis plus a few conversations about which elements we need to do and which elements the customer wants to do.

Our BP Labs team is responsible both for the analysis and the implementations, and I believe at this point our team does more BPM migrations every year than any other team. Highly recommend leveraging these guys, they're the best.
All of the issues you cited are exactly the issues to worry about and that affect the estimate- great article!

5 Joseph Lam commented Permalink

Thank you so much for your comment sfrancis!