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1 ShashiMara commented Permalink

Mark .. Good article ..

I want to add regular COLD backup of the database is very important. When you have a maintenance window it is a good time to shoutdown all the JVMs and backup of both database and Profile (zip it up) at the same time . This will avoid some of the table inconsistency and transaction log problems when you restore the database. Ref :
It is also very critical that you backup your Install Manager data and Shared directory . Installation Manger Data agent directory contain data that is associated with all the product packages installed on that machine. Associated data includes the state and history of operations that Installation Manager completes. For any reason if the IM data directory gets corrupted during IFix/FixPack/Refreshpack or another product installation , it is very difficult to recover the information.
Remember to backup IM Data agent directory and Shared directory before installing Fixpack or installing another product using the Installation Manager.
See the following table for IM data default location for various operating system .. Note that dir is at different location for Admin and Non-admin user.
- Shashi