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Hi Gaurav,

I would like to add a few points when considering migration to Netezza for its performance :
1. Please take into account the limitations that Netezza poses.
for eg : No referential integrity checks, No check for primary key duplication,
User defined functions (may have to be rewritten in CPP) , Stored Procedures don't work the same way etc....
2. Please make sure that the data model itself is revisited so that Netezza can give optimal performance.
for eg: Distribution Keys/ZoneMaps etc should be well thought out.
3. Revisit ETL processes and take into account Netezza's update/delete strategies.
4. If going to a cloud environment , ensure the amount of CPU required for your ETL purposes is and will be available to you.
These are key points to discuss and decide upon before shifting to netezza.
Do not rush in for the processing power it gives ( which i accept is superb) .
If properly used Netezza would probably be one of the best DWH appliances you would have worked on.

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