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1 Ali_Murtaza commented Permalink

Wow, this is some good stuff here. Kudos to you for starting this.

I'd like to add just one thing here :
Some builders also have, what is known as a BuilderHelper class. This BuilderHelper class provides support for indirect references (i.e. variables) and is used when the builder needs to provide some operation during run time.

2 SteveZag commented Permalink


I skipped that part of a Builder somewhat intentionally. (OK, I never even thought about it, but I would have intentionally skipped it if I had.) I'm not fond of the concept -- the way that it works it to put a whole lot of unnecessary stuff into your WebApp, cluttering it. I know that it is there in the Builder Skeleton, but I never use it. (And I've made a lot of Builders.) If, in your Builder, you want code that gives you the result of an indirect reference, then you can make the WebApp call to get the code and put it where you need it.
You do have to remember that while your Builder is running, the indirect reference can not be evaluated. Your Builder is running during the Generation, and there isn't any data yet. What you need to do with your indirect reference is to generate the right code that will fetch the value at runtime, and put that code inside the code (or JSP) that you are generating.

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