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1 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang commented Permalink

I can't agree with you more! Getting ready and know clearly what the problems are before the real implementation is very important. It helps the firm to more efficiently adapt the new technology without spending too much time solving the problem as individual cases. the pre-test will for sure help the company to build a more complete program before the actual implementation and will fasten the speed for the employees to adapt.

2 JaneLarkins commented Permalink

Daniela, I agree with your idea of testing the platform in smaller, controlled groups before opening usage to an entire company. My assigned company (Prudential) did the same sort of thing - they started their platform in Law & Compliance, which is a very small sector. They did this intentionally because they wanted lawyers involved right away, but also to test our the product and work our any kinks before making is accesible to a broad network. Seems like CEMEX had a similar rationale.

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