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1 JaneLarkins commented Permalink

Lauren, I really like your idea. It is simple, but I think it would extremely effective. People absolutely respond to perks and its a win-win for the employee and employer. Not only does these free lunch events drive adoption, but rounding everyone up helps boost morale and social cohesion. Having the top dogs show up too is crucial because as we have talked about in class, if the leading people get behind a new initiative, others are more likely to follow and believe in the product.

2 gstarkey commented Permalink

I like your idea. Incentives, especially free ones, are always a good way to drive an adoption process. I believe that the half-day incentive will be a huge selling point. I feel that if you are able to get high ranking personnel like the presidents to attend it will encourage others to follow.

3 JP Preziosi commented Permalink

I think this is a great idea! Especially for individuals who are content working the way they have grown accustomed, giving them incentives is a great way to make sure people are exposed to the new platform. This would be most beneficial to those who would struggle to learn the platform on their own because the workshop would (hopefully) do a good job explaining it; however, to more tech savvy employees who could figure it out as they go, I'm afraid that you could find them grudgingly going to these seminars just to be able to leave work early.

4 TylerSoosman commented Permalink

I think this is a great idea and I completely agree with both lauren and Jane. People respond to incentives and are more motivated when they have things to influence them. If there was no reward system people would not be very inclined to learn.

5 SamyMartinez commented Permalink

I think this is a great idea because it focuses both on what the company/organization wants, and what the employees want. People love free food and time off work. The company/organization gets people to attend different workshops and learn the skills they need to succeed. Most of the time, it is ignorance holding employees back from using the new tools. By reeling them into the workshop and feeding them information, many employees realize how beneficial the program is and buy into it.

6 anamsessions commented Permalink

I think this is a good idea. Sometimes, especially for older generations, it is difficult for people to change and adopt to new technologies if they are set in their ways and used to doing business a particular way. Hopefully the incentives would also encourage employees to not only adopt the platform, but learn to use it effectively as well.

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