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Totally agree with this idea. The company my group has been working with has expressed the success that they have had using this method. Not only does it help to familiarize employees with the program tools, but it also helps to stimulate casual conversations!

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I agree. Adding a non-work related content to communities is a great my to drive traffic towards the adoption process. The company I researched did this and it greatly improved the number of people using connections.

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I am very much in agreement with this idea. I think that luring people in with interests outside of work is a great way to almost "trick" people into using a new platform. This idea would give people the feeling that they are being appreciated for more than just their work. I think most people would be intrigued by this suggestion.

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I really like this idea. With people spending more time at the office than they do at home in most cases, giving employees a chance to "relax" at work for a few minutes by contributing to these non-work related blogs is a great way to get employees onto the site and comfortable with all of the applications that can be utilized for work related topics as well.

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Our mentor from Cardiff explained how the social platform at Cardiff words through a "non" work related example, of a "pet" community. As it was an effective way to explain to us on how they lead students to adopt usage of the program, I can see how it would be a useful way to convey how to phase into greater methods of implementation. People will learn how to use it by connecting with others over common interests and learn the functions of the programs at the same time!

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