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1 danield23 commented Permalink

I think this is a great idea. Gamification is great way to convince people to do something because there are tangible rewards. Employees will feel more compelled to use the software knowing that they can accumulate rewards doing so.

2 lgreg commented Permalink

This a great way to get employees more involved over the duration of the implementation and is similar to JP's idea of employee self-empowerment to use the new technology. Employees want to feel valued and know that they add value to the company.

3 Daniela K. commented Permalink

I think this is a great idea. It will definitely make the adoption more fun for the employees and motivate them to "play around" with the platform from the beginning of its implementation.

4 ResslerB commented Permalink

This is a great idea. Petrobras has had great success with people answering fellow employees questions. If employees could be rewarded for starting to do this early in the adoption stage it could be very beneficial to the employees and the company.

5 APlastaras commented Permalink

I have no doubt that this would greatly increase employee participation on the social platform. I think it's important to include the possibility for peers to give badges to each other, and also the ability of executives to badge employees. This would create a channel in which I believe employees would be clamoring to get some recognition from the top.

6 Silvija_Lau commented Permalink

This is a great idea because rewards always bring attention. I personally put in more effort when I know a clear goal with a reward rather than just doing something for the sake of doing it.

Of course some may say that they work because it's their hobby and brings satisfaction. Besides, starting work under such a system can be hard when a person is switching to another company, because it may not have the reward system, thus everything that employee has worked is forgotten.
Nevertheless, at the end everyone wants to be seen, evaluated, and rewarded for the efforts, therefore, to some extent the idea is effective.

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