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1 Jonathan Nguyen commented Permalink

Hey, I think this is a great idea that you let the employees teach one another how to use the platform. I mention your idea in my own just because I really think it's great that you create this sense of community and unity in the endeavor to learn together.

2 danield23 commented Permalink

I think this is a solid idea, but I feel there is a chance that employees become frustrated with the software because they haven't be taught it. This will cause them to learn at a slower pace and their motivation to learn will go down.

3 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

I think learning at your own pace is definitely important. However, if people don't know how to use the platform, they may avoid using it and continue using traditional means of communication.

4 lgreg commented Permalink

Very IBM-y way of implementing it! I completely think that this will keep employee engagement in the long-term duration of the software. Especially for new hires who don't know how to use it when they start they will have a plethora of people to connect with and resources to read.

5 Daniela K. commented Permalink

I like your suggestion. I think that introducing a new platform, or any change, to employees in this way will make them more involved with the change process and therefore result in more engagement once the platform is online.

6 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang commented Permalink

This is a very thoughtful and useful idea! It takes care of each people's learning pace differences, and provide the employees a more comfortable learning experiences. A comfortable learning experience will help the employees to be more open to the new technology. thank you for sharing this great idea!

7 TylerSoosman commented Permalink

I agree with Daniel. I think it is a good idea but i think if people work at their own pace, efficiency levels will not be as high.

8 ResslerB commented Permalink

When people are allowed to learn at their own pace I think they are more inclined to try new things out, especially when given ample time throughout the day. If the employees are allowed to create subcommittees as well, it will allow them to ensure they are working on and learning information that is interesting to them. This is a great idea

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