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1 djc664 commented Permalink

We are in the beginnings of a world-wide deployment, and already have had versions of Websphere across multiple countries suffer from configuration changes with troubleshooting and PMR actions.

Using this tool to audit server configurations between all levels (TEST / QA / PROD) is a primary use and saves countless hours (I currently manage separate 24 WAS/WAS ND profiles for ECM and that is slated to expand to over 120 in the next year+... I have another 30+ profiles for Connections...). At a certain level, it will be the difference between even being possible to get those audits done in a reasonable amount of time (not weeks).
I cannot overstate how much value this tool adds and will add to our business.

2 david.kuntz commented Permalink

Just today we resolved a P1 (PMR 07899,49R,000) only because of VCE.We had L2 and L3 support folks from multiple product teams on bridge calls for 2 days trying to resolve a problem that only appeared in production. It wasn't until we compared production to test did we notice one setting that made all the difference.
For other projects, we've learned the hard way to include VCE analysis in the task list for any roll-out or major update.

3 robbinmav commented Permalink

I work for a medium sized UK based consultancy and we about to adopt this as a standard tool.

For support purposes this has significantly helped me understand a customer's environment when we have taken on board new customers.
In terms of time saved.
This has saved me hours/days because:
- no requirement for long term access to client environment while analysis ongoing
- time saved checking all the JVM settings
- Ease of training staff on new environments
ability to check problems around specific areas
I can see uses for consultants on large projects and potential savings there.
I can provide more commercial information privately if necessary.

4 Martin Bentancour commented Permalink

We recently installed ISA Server v5 and everyone is very pleased with the change. We are now able to have one centralized repository for all our team's cases and relevant files.

We would like to switch completely to v5 and remove all the workbench installations, but we are missing the VCE, which is key for us. Apart from troubleshooting, we also use this tool before any major deployment to analyse if there is any change that needs to be done and was not included in the deployment plan.
Doing this for five environments without a proper tool would be daunting, if not impossible.

5 CS9K_matthew_Griffin commented Permalink

We have integrated VCE with Rational Automation Frame (RAF) to schedule HTML Reports that are sent via email. These reports allow us to track changes from week to week in our environments. VCE integration with RAF is a great tracking mechanism for large environment as RAF provides a method for scheduling and automating of the modifications to the WebSphere Configuration. I am not aware of any tool that provides this level or amount of functionality. We have also used VCE to perform configuration comparisons of environments that are suppose to be the identical. VCE provided the configuration difference that have take days or weeks of troubleshooting. VCE ability to pull WebSphere Configuration Data in minutes is as an added benefit. I look forward to seeing how VCE grows and additional features as it's a great tool.

6 DavidGreenhouse commented Permalink

In IBM Lab Services for Enterprise Content Management, we implement various ECM products deployed into WAS. We have recently become engaged with a customer who had a few showstopper PMRs and was convinced that these were due to inconsistencies between their environments. We'd only recently become aware of VCE but in the first day of its implementation managed to resolve at least one critical PMR - also avoiding a rebuild of the whole environment, which would have taken much more time and effort. We are looking at how VCE can be applied to analyze and resolve some of the other issues as well, and the customer has expressed interest in making it part of their internal practices.

7 Marc.W commented Permalink

I am in WebSphere Level 2. I am involved in a 24x7 crit sit at this moment (started last night) and VCE could make a great contribution to our understanding of the problematic cell's configuration. I just finished installing ISA 5.0.1 and am startled to not find VCE. This tool is a *MUST HAVE* for Level 2/Level 3. Please bring it back - thank you!

8 DF_KBS commented Permalink

We have repeatedly used VCE to check for configuration differences in our staged environment. Without it we would have needed days over days to find small differences in our WebSphere-Systems. Therefore we strongly support the vote for an updated VCE in ISA v5 to continue to be a happy customer of IBM WebSphere.

9 sanmuk21 commented Permalink

This tool can solve the long awaited problem of configuration management for the client i am working for. I am still working toward the final solution but i know this is will help me reach my goal.

Only suggestion is kindly make the support forum more responsive so that we get our questions raised answered in a reasonable time window.
Thanks again.

10 Thomas_Hurek commented Permalink

Using the tool all the time at customers - especially with WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager. Must Have for ISA 5.

11 AxelSchmeer commented Permalink

I completely agree, that this is a Must-Have tool. I have repeatedly used it for Portal, Connections and WAS health checks and will need to use it in future. It would be much more time consuming having to do without VCE.

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