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1 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

I think USC is the perfect school for this kind of program. USC takes pride in its amazing sports teams and is also located in Los Angeles, where we are surrounded by professional sports teams: Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Chargers, Ducks, Dodgers, Angels, etc. I think this program should have a lot of field trips to these sporting events, and should also feature guest speakers regularly.

2 APlastaras commented Permalink

I think this idea is perfect for USC and completely agree with what Jaclyn has said. We are in a great location and have incredible connections within the sports industry. I have heard so many positive reviews on Fellenzer's class on sports media and I'm sure many students would be interested in continuing their education in the sporting entertainment industry.

In addition to attending professional sporting events, the USC athletics events would also be able to provide a great experience internally. I think that many people chose to attend SC because of the great camaraderie and imbedded sports culture so I see no reason why this idea would be unsuccessful!

3 BrendaChan commented Permalink

I think this is a great idea. Sports is such a big part of our school that it makes sense to have a program dedicated to sports management. I know in Marshall there aren't many business sports classes (just one I believe) and partnering with Annenberg would be perfect. I think it would cool if Marshall had more classes dedicated to sports management as well because I think more students would be interested in those type of classes (at least I know I would be!) Maybe with this program we could have the students intern for a semester with some sports management type company since Los Angeles is a good city for that.

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