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1 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang commented Permalink

I think this is a very thorough plan, clearly states the yearly academic plan. It is not only help students to build academic knowledge, but also coach them how to plan their idea out. Also, this would be an amazing program for students because they are able to access the resources from both departments.

2 danield23 commented Permalink

I think this is a really great idea suited to a number of different kids with passions in varying fields. The non profit sector has really exploded and there is no doubt a ton of young people with great ideas and causes that could use a formal setting like this to really develop everything. I think the Public Policy element will be very beneficial as well.

3 BrendaChan commented Permalink

I really like this idea. I feel there is an increasing number of people our age starting their own non-profits which is really incredible in my opinion (sometimes even people in high school or younger which is amazing). One of the reasons why I really like this idea is because I'm sure there are a lot of students who have great ideas for non-profits but they aren't sure on how to start them and this program would definitely help students do that. I think it could be beneficial to have a class that focuses all on non-profits and students would go more in depth on how they were able to start them. Also this class could have guest speakers come to class (founders of non-profits) and speak to them about their experiences.

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