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1 anamsessions comentou às Link permanente

I think this is a great idea with a lot of thorough research into the opportunities that would be available should these two focuses be combined. I think it would be interesting too since the hospitality industry has been growing rapidly especially in the downtown area so it would bring a lot of business and potential growth to our local area. I think that including a course in marketing would be important as well because being able to sell your brand and attract customers is extremely important when launching a new venture since so much of success in the entertainment and hospitality industry is based on credibility and customer experience.

2 Jonathan Nguyen comentou às Link permanente

This sounds like a great idea, if it was actually a thing when I was a freshman, I feel like it's something I would've found myself enrolled in. This is a good one and you seem to have some really great selling points as well.

3 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang comentou às Link permanente

I really find this program very interesting! It provides a new focus for Marshall Business students to be able to gain first hand knowledge in Hospitality by recruiting the top professionals who are maters in such field to be the teachers. I also like the study abroad/away program that students are able to explore more through the real time experiences. However, besides New York in the United States, I think that Las Vegas will also be a very good place in the US for students who are interested in upper hotel management or restaurant management to explore their studies. Because, Las Vegas is the central where all the top hotels and restaurants gathers. For students who go there, they will encounter a very large amount of customers from different places and countries with different culture background and preferences.
Great Idea!

4 danield23 comentou às Link permanente

This is really interesting and something I and a lot of other people would definitely be interested in. The only school I know with a notable hotel administration program is Cornell and I think USC Marshall would make for a great competitor. The food and entertainment/nightlife sector is growing a ton and interests a lot of people so I see great interest resulting from this idea.

5 Jacqueline_Peha comentou às Link permanente

I as well think this is a great idea. Along with Ana, I agree that marketing should definitely be included in the Business curriculum of this program. Los Angeles is a great location for such a program due to our wide diversity of food and eclectic mix of culture just here in LA. This is also a very sought out major or concentration so I feel that it will have a great response with students willing to join.

6 yulkim comentou às Link permanente

Interesting idea. It makes sense, considering the fact that restaurants are indeed businesses. Normally, chefs need to partner up with restauranteurs because they do not know the ins and outs of opening up a restaurant. I really like the idea about having a study abroad program. Chefs these days need to know a wide range of culinary skills so experiencing different kitchens around the world would be a invaluable experience for them. I think this program is really appropriate for USC since Downtown Los Angeles offers many new uprising restaurants.

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