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1 Daniela K. ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

Tyler, I think your idea is great! Not only will this program give its student a more "grounded" perspective of the business world, but it will make them more competitive when they graduate. As we all may have heard, entering the business world is not without its hurdles. Most companies require or prefer candidates with some experience, which is hard to acquire while trying to fulfill coursework. This program would give its student the necessary business experience to be able to start their careers, while allowing for troubleshooting of their internship experiences.

2 lgreg ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

This is the BEST idea. From personal experience, I learn way more by experience the "real" world by working in the "real" world. This would be a great addition to any dual degree with Marshall (accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, cinematic arts). Partnering with business that support USC students would better prepare students before graduating and hopefully get their foot in the door for their first job out of college. Also, we are going to USC for a reason- its alumni network. This could get student directly in contact with Trojans who want to hire Trojans. Brilliant.

3 Jaclyn De Anda ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

I really like this idea as well. I had an internship during the summer, but have never had an internship during the school year. In my opinion, it would be too overwhelming to try to balance an internship, group projects, exams and assignments. As a senior who is a few months away from graduating, I am still not quite sure what career field I would like to get into. It would be incredibly helpful if I was able to do more internships so I could become more familiar with my options, while also gaining work experience.

However, it would be hard to monitor that students are actually going to their internship and getting something out of it. How would students prove that they're actually gaining something from this program? (I know I've had internships where I pretty much sat at a desk all day doing nothing)

4 anamsessions ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

Like everyone else, I think this is a great idea. However, I think that there would have to be some kind of partnership with internships from various industries and companies in order to guarantee students an internship in their field of choice because there is always the risk that if there is not, students would not get an internship and be stuck. Also, would this be a program that they would have to pay for in addition to the costs of tuition in order to guarantee their spot? How would the application process work? I think that if you are going to substitute classroom time for work experience, these are all important things to think about so students don't find themselves falling behind.

5 Erick_Mendoza ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

Tyler- I think this is a fantastic idea! In my experience, I have learned that my time with a company in the fall and spring semesters has been more valuable than over the summer. While I have nothing against summer internships, I almost feel as if there is an opportunity for more responsibility to be handed to an intern working throughout the semester. If nothing else, it is a number thing.... there are fewer interns working with companies throughout the year. I have spent less of my time in the fall/spring semester of an internship "sitting at a desk" or "asking for more work", as has been the case during some of my summer internships.

On another note, I really like the idea of having an internship in place of classes for units. I have had held a few internships while being at USC and the most difficult part of the process is always trying to create a schedule that works. If the internship was equal to 8 units or more, I think students would saves themselves the headache of having to trying to schedule time for an internship in the middle of 4 or 5 other classes.
In my opinion an ideal semester with this program would consist of a semester with a perfect balance of academic classes and time spend towards an internship. As of now, most students I know with internships, either take on an internship while having 16-18 units or they wait for the semester where they can take the least amount of classes to have time for work. This internship program could eliminate both of these scenarios. Students would have the option to take one or two classes, pair that time with an internship and earn a full semester's worth of units (16-18 units). This type of balance would minimize the amount of academic stress, distractions and influences that students often carry with them while interning throughout the semester.

6 bstewart ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

To mimic a lot of these other comments, this is a great idea.

I think it would not only add to the learning experience, but give students the opportunity to get real world experience too. I have also found how useful internships can be for not only gaining new skills, but for learning office dynamics and work-life balance. In addition, this program could capitalize on pushing students to explore different industries. I think it would be great to encourage students to broaden their perspective by working with a variety of companies in different industries (finance, marketing, human relations, accounting, etc.)
I also agree that utilizing the Trojan-Network could be a key tool in making this work. Alumni often are great ways to make connections and the gateway to opportunities. By utilizing our current resources, Marshall can reach out to the existing network to find employers/companies that would be willing to grow with this program, hopefully establishing long term relationships.
Just to add a little complexity to this idea- What about summer internships.. can they be added to the credits earned? Especially since many students relocate for summer internships. We also should consider how various internships would translate in the number of credits given (# hours per week/ type of work/etc.).

7 JP Preziosi ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

This is a great idea! I'm of the belief that a large portion of what we learn in school is not directly applicable to real life occupations, but rather to make us familiar with the "language" of business. So, if someone were to through around specific terms, we would know what it means. However, the context and application of this knowledge varies drastically from sector to sector and job to job.

When I ask other Marshall graduates about their jobs and what they learned in school, they all seem to say that they learned the majority of their functions while working the job, and didn't come in with all the knowledge they needed. This internship program is a great way to enable a student to get the hands on experience needed while setting the expectations of what you should get out of classroom learning as opposed to what you learn on the job.

8 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

Great Idea! I think a lot of us will agree that there is never be a better way to learn from the real experiences. As we can see that as we go through many school's program, they tend to have many simulation and case studies, which are all mainly focus on helping students to learn better. I think if we can really break through the constraints of allying with other companies, this would be the best program for business students to develop the real needed skills to prepare themselves for their future career.

9 APlastaras ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

Love this idea. It is not only plausible but practical as well. I know that Northeastern University in Boston has a program such as this called their "co-op" program and have heard great reviews about it. I think potentially Northeastern could possibly provide some useful guidance toward the development of a similar program here at SC. That being said, I wonder if it would be necessary to distinguish the program at SC from the program at Northeastern. If Marshall is looking for the "next big thing" should it be uniquely a Marshall creation? Just some food for thought, but I would support a program like this 100%.

10 Silvija_Lau ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente

I agree with everyone saying it's a great idea. Personally, I am an exchange student here at USC, and so far (academic year 2013/14) I've learned more than I would have learned studying in my home university for the whole 4 years. Even if it is a simple exchange program where you only study (no actual work opportunity), you take more skills from it than staying in one place. That way you get to know different cultures, collaborate with groups or individuals, build your network. Because at the end of the day the strongest person in the group is the one that can adapt quickly, understand the environment, be credible, and have the connections.

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