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1 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

I really like idea and I think its necessary in order to keep up with future business and technology trends. I think the program would need to encourage a lot of group work and should also help students develop a business plan throughout the four year degree. Maybe USC could also develop a Masters program where students could actually launch their business plan.

2 JaneLarkins commented Permalink

I really like where you are going with this!!! The startup culture is so cool and I would love to be a part of it, yet I am a business major...I am not overly tech savvy and I don't know anything about engineering, and yet I want to work at a startup. My ideal situation would be to work at a startup on the business management side. I think we all want to love what we do and be passionate about the company we work for, and major that helps business students be successful and an asset to startups is key. It would allow us to find a startup we fit with and who's mission resonates with us, and work on the management operations or finance side of it.

3 PeterWillis commented Permalink

I agree 100%. As a business major I find I am learning the tools of how to run a business, but I lack the technical skill to start on. Classes like Mobile App development, website design, and base-level Computer Science applications could be taught in conjunction with business classes like marketing. By balancing these two aspects, students would gain the theoretical business principles and be able to apply them to the booming tech/social media market.
I also agree that a joint degree such as this would pair well with classes in entrepreneurship. Professors might even challenge students collaborate in team to develop their own app as a final project. I think this would prepare students well for the modern, tech-centered workplace.

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