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1 JaneLarkins commented Permalink

I really like this idea! I would have applied for it entering freshman year. This is the epitome of "breadth without depth." I think it would be important to have a few core requirements for each school, but not too many...I think this should offer the student a lot of creativity and freedom to mak their own undefined concentration. And the only other thing is, the more schools a major includes the more requirements...but this major needs to make sure it allows students to go abroad still!

2 bstewart commented Permalink

I like this idea too. It creates a great foundation to really understand the consumer's POV in the Marketing realm. The communications skills from PR can also build valuable skills for promotion and advertising. Even though the Business degree touches on each of these areas, an in depth perspective could be very interesting, if the degree incorporates classes from other departments.

Maybe there should be a required research component to apply some of the knowledge learned from Marketing and Psychology in consumer behavior studies.

3 yulkim commented Permalink

I'm also a PR major so I definitely see eye to eye with you on this idea. I think Annenberg could work closer with Marshall for marketing or consumer insights because they ultimately correlate. I think this idea is great because it encompasses not only the strategic aspect to achieve something but also the psychological reasons behind consumer behavior. There is a fine line between marketing and PR.

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