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1 RoseKilda commented Permalink

Typed the hg command at a cmd window exactly as above (Windows7) and got:

'hg' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file
Wow is this a lengthy process....
Also why do we have to clone the sl4a repository?

2 JohnNivard commented Permalink

What kind of windows machine do I need in terms of performance to develop a application using this environment?

I need some basic advice for the hardware to develop a Android applications using Python and SL4A
Thank in advance

3 petersmith5544 commented Permalink

Many marketers and Android app sellers overlook this very powerful marketing concept when describing the apps on the Android Market. When you link a benefit with a feature, you are helping the buyer see the whole story about your app.

Android Apps

4 jainecro_1 commented Permalink

Thanks for post
i have good knowledge in python but i am newbie in android
so can you please provide me tutorial that how can i create application for android using python language

In advance
Thanks for your reply

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