Welcome to the blog for the FIRSTⓒ Robotics Competition team number 3933, Taman Keet. We are a group of students from the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Santa Fe, in Mexico City. In this blog we will be sharing with the community our knowledge and experience in varied fields. In this team, there are team members with experience in areas form Java and Android development to the mechanical function of robots to web programming. With all this we hope, as a team, to share as much as posible with other members of this community. From today onwards, we will put posts in topics ranging from what FIRST and FRC are and what they represent, to team updates on our current situation, to programming guides of varied topics, as already mentioned. We hope you enjoy this blog!


If you want to join us through our social network services, go to or for Twitter, follow us at @Taman Keet. Also, don't forget to visit our webpage at