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1 ELowman commented Trackback

Wonderful article. Dormant entries that are not addressed by the GUI interface are the bain of TADDM. One thing we do to see gauge what CIs classes might be candidates for checking for dormant records is:

./dist/bin/dbquery.sh "select classname_x as CLASSNAME, count(*) as COUNT from persobj group by classname_X order by classname_X"
This will give you counts of every CI classtype you have in the database.

2 jenlee commented Permalink

Just FYI - I updated the bindaddr query above today for DB2. The original query was producing long result times and locking the DB. I am still looking at the Oracle one to see if it needs to be changed.

I will talk to the owner of the archive script to see if they will update the script for the new DB2 query.

3 jenlee commented Permalink

Just FYI, I updated the Oracle DB bindaddr cleanup with a better performing query. The new query uses a join rather then 'not in' which can take a long time if the tables are large; select guid_c from BB_BINDADDRESS67_V left outer join superiors on
HEXTORAW(GUID_C) = sup_supr_guid where sup_supr_guid is null and
lastModifiedTime_c < ${DATE}

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