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1 RyanWiltshire commented Permalink

Great summary of the agents.

Are there any suggestions on tuning these agents outside the default values? Would we ever need to change the defaults? If so, are there any indicators or environment factors that should lead us to look at tuning the Alias agents?

2 jenlee commented Permalink

Hi Ryan - great question. Under normal circumstances you should not have to tune the default values for any of the cleanup agents. We recently found an APAR IV59076 with this agent, which I believe you have the fix for, that caused it to run a long time. The only time I end up changing properties for this agent(and most others) is to shut them off or limit them while we work on a problem so that a long running agent does not block all the others.

Also, its important DB stats are up to date(run at least weekly) for the agents to perform well.
That being said, its important also to keep an eye that the agents are running. Under normal circumstances I would expect to see all the agents cycle thru at least twice a day, and typically more(they go slower during the discovery cycle then at idle times, so the timing will vary). The initial blog on the agents talks about the timing of the agent runs if you want to understand how they cycle thru. But if you do not see all your agents completing at least once a day, you definitely want to open a PMR.

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