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DB2 9 is a leading-edge hybrid data server that offers optimum storage, scalability, and availability. DB2 pureScale is a new technology primarily optimized for scale-out transactional processing clusters in an active-active manner. This succinct guide will show you how DB2 with pureScale can provide you transparent application scalability, the ability to deliver agile-like computing to your transaction systems, and extreme availability.


Want even more information about DB2 pureScale?  See the blog entry I wrote in August: More on DB2 pureScale.



Flashbook: IBM Cognos Analytics and Cloud Computing

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IBM Cognos Analytics and Cloud Computing: Best Practices for Deploying Cognos Business Intelligence to the IBM Cloud

by Anant Jhingran, Stephan Jou, William Lee, Thanh Pham, Biraj Saha


This book introduces cloud computing, workloads in cloud computing, analytics as a service, and its implementation using Cognos Software and provides guidance and considerations for your cloud solution, such as “Where should the data be located” and “How many images should I create?”  Step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure, secure and test a Cognos Business Intelligence deployment in the IBM Cloud are provided to help you get to a point where you have a saved private instance to an image that you can then deploy in minutes on demand.

Learn how to graduate from single images to multiple images and more complicated topologies that are better suited for production workloads and how to secure your Cognos cloud solution.

More advanced topics include moving from a single image to multiple images, scalability and performance, and how to plan for scaling to ensure a high performing solution.  Finally, tip are provided to ensure that your Cognos BI cloud solution is highly available and handles failover scenarios.


Flashbook: DB2 10 for z/OS - Cost Savings ..... Out of the Box

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DB2 10 for z/OS - Cost Savings ..... Out of the Box

by Roger Miller, David Beulke, Julian Stuhler, Surekha Parekh


Roger, Dave, Julian and Surekha are all well known people in the z/OS community and I’m very pleased that we were able to pull the 4 of them together to write a book that will build excitement for the latest release of DB2.  In addition to these fine writers / experts, we’ve also included messages from several of the top technical people in the Z area to give you some tips.


What’s in the book?  Here is the executive summary:

It’s no longer enough to have IT that is robust, secure and operationally efficient: in the current business climate, it must be cost-effective. With all the key features you expect from DB2® — and new ones, like 64-bit support, scalability up to 20,000 concurrent users, and SQL and pureXML® enhancements — DB2 10 for z/OS® achieves even greater heights of availability, resiliency, reliability and security, all while creating out-of-the-box cost savings. How? Reduced CPU workloads, which directly benefit the bottom line. And that’s just the beginning.

In addition to five to ten percent CPU savings out of the box, and up to 20 percent CPU savings for new workloads, DB2 10 for z/OS also scales five to ten times more than previous versions — with less complexity and cost. Automatic tuning and diagnostics create less need for System z®-specific skills, and refined lock-avoidance techniques create greater concurrency for data access, data definition and data management.

DB210 for z/OS also offers more availability, with fewer planned outages than ever before. And the legendary security that has made DB2 the undisputed leader in enterprise data servers has been increased further, with simplified compliance. Let’s dive deeper into all the new features and enhancements that make DB2 10 z/OS the most impactful version yet.




Meet Judy Nall, author of DB2 9 System Administration for z/OS: Certification Study Guide: Exam 737

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DB2 9 System Administration for z/OS: Certification Study Guide: Exam 737

by Judy Nall


About her book:

This is an addition to the series of Certification Guides published by MC Press to support DB2’s popular certification program.

Not only was Judy part of the exam development team, but she is well known in the DB2 area as an internationally recognized lecturer, consultant, writer, educator, and DB2 expert. She is the president of Computer Business International, Inc., a member of the IBM DB2 Gold Consultants Group, and the recipient of an IBM Data Champion award for contributions to the IBM Data Management community.

This book was written with system administrators in mind, this reference offers information about both DB2 and z/OS operating systems as well as guidance for preparing for the IBM Certification Test 737. Helpful and thorough, this technical guide summarizes the new features of DB2 9 environments and provides essential system administration information, such as installation and maintenance procedures. With chapters on troubleshooting, performance and tuning, and securing and auditing, as well as practice questions, this reference is a one-stop shop for DB2 system administrators.


Other books that are part of this series are:

DB2 9 Database Administration Certification Study Guide for Exam 732
Susan Lawson and Daniel Luksetich

DB2 9 Advanced Database Administration Certification Study Guide for Exam 734
Roger Sanders, Dwaine Snow

DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide
Roger Sanders

DB2 9 Database Administration Certification Study Guide for Exam 731
Roger Sanders

DB2 9 Database Administration Upgrade Certification Study Guide for Exam 736
Roger Sanders

All of these books were authored by experts who were part of the exam development team, the structure of the book matches the exam objectives, and there are sample test questions to help you prepare for the exam.



Freak Me Out!!

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I’ve known this for the last week, but haven’t been able to blog about it till today!  The authors of Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics will be special guest speakers at this year’s IBM Information on Demand Conference.  They are scheduled to speak at the General Session on Wednesday morning.


We’ve managed to arrange for Stephen Dubnar and Steven Levitt to come to the bookstore for attendees to get their books signed… the unfortunate things is that they only have 20 minutes available for the signing!  Add this book signing to your schedule via the Smart Site Agenda Builder. Their session is Anc # 3779.


Have you read the books yet?  I have listened to both books in audible versions and can speak endlessly about how much I enjoyed the stories in their books.  I will purchase both copies in printed format so I can get these amazing authors to sign them!


About the books:

About Freakonomics
Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? How much do parents really matter? How did the legalization of abortion affect the rate of violent crime?


About SuperFreakonomics
Four years in the making, SuperFreakonomics asks not only the tough questions, but the unexpected ones: What’s more dangerous, driving drunk or walking drunk? Why is chemotherapy prescribed so often if it’s so ineffective? Can a sex change boost your salary?


I’m very interested in hearing what they have to say to an IBM audience.  I presume it will be related to IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative… which really is looking at the world in a different way much as the freak guys did in their books.



Seduction with Mark Jeffries

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***  Mark's signing time changed to Tuesday, Oct 26 from 11:00 am - 12:00 noon.


Last year at the IBM Information on Demand Conference in Las Vegas, I was lucky to meet Mark Jeffries who was host for the General Sessions.   Mark had written the book “What’s up with Your Handshake” and I arranged a book signing session for him.   I really enjoyed meeting Mark and reading his book.


This year at the IBM Information on Demand Conference, Mark is also hosting several sessions and will be signing copies of his latest book:


The Art of Business Seduction: A 30-Day Plan to Get Noticed, Get Promoted, and Get Ahead



About the book:

Description: These days, more than ever, you need an edge to win the job, the sale, or the contract that you want. And once you have it, keeping it is part of the job. You're always selling yourself, getting re-hired everyday with everything you do and say.

"The Art of Business Seduction" elevates your game by allowing you to recognize what's essential in getting noticed for the right reasons and by the right people. You'll get powerful tools you can use immediately, including A Strategic Communication plan The no-fail, four-step L-WAR process (Listen, Watch, Anticipate, React) Real-life exercises you can implement over thirty consecutive days that will then become a winning part of your routine and lifestyle

Your secret weapon in today's business struggle, "The Art of Business Seduction" peels away the hype to give you the unadorned facts on what will drive your continued, consistent success.


Mark’s signing session is scheduled for ***Tuesday, Oct 26 from 11:00 am - 12:00 noon.  Add this book signing to your schedule via the Smart Site Agenda Builder. His session is Anc # 3766.



Books and Videos

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I’m currently reviewing a chapter from an upcoming book by Roger Sanders,

From Idea to Print: How to Write a Technical Book or Article and Get It Published

The chapter I’m reading now is about promoting your book after it is published.  Coincidentally I also found an article on LinkedIn about the same topic:  Do authors really need to promote their own books?


The answer is yes!  Authors need to promote their books in as many ways as possible.  Today I want to tell you about some of the videos that promote books:


1) My video that was filmed at IBM’s Information on Demand Conference this past October.  My video is to encourage people to come to the bookstore but also to promote some of the books that were available and of course to promote the 16 book signings that I had set up.  I’m happy with how it turned out… and I was correct on some of the top selling books at the conference.


2) I was filmed a second time while at the conference as well.  This team filmed many people on a variety of topics.  Thanks to Conor and Irshad for putting these videos together!


3) Ellice Uffer from IBM Press filmed several authors while at the conference and intends to continue adding short videos to promote the books.  Currently there are three videos: 

  • Author Matt Ganis talks about his book, A Practical Guide To Distributed Scrum
  • Author Martin Oberhofer discusses The Art of Information Architecture
  • Mike Biere discusses his book - The New Era of Enterprise Business Intelligence - which teaches how to compete with analytics.

4) My personal friend from University, Eden Watt, recently published her first novel: Vision Speak.  See her video that was done via Hay House Movers & Shakers.


Are you an author and are looking for ways to promote your book?  Consider filming yourself and putting your video on YouTube. 




Personal Tidbit:

I was interviewed for a TV show shortly after my second book published.  I think it helped sales and back then (2005) the videos weren’t as easy to share as they are now.

Wine and Cheese and Sam Lightstone at IOD

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 Join us for the 4th Annual Women In Technology Networking Event at the 2010 IOD Conference in Las Vegas.

Hosted by Debbie Landers, VP Information Management Client Support and Education, and Karla Norsworthy, VP Warehouse Solutions, this 'wine and cheese' reception provides an opportunity to build connections with fellow IBM colleagues as well as women clients and partners. 

This year, we'll also have the opportunity to hear Sam Lightsone discuss key findings from his book entitled "Making it Big in Software: Get the Job. Work the Org. Become Great".

It is preferable that attendees register for the event via the IOD website. (Note: You must be registered for the conference to attend this event.)

Reception Details:
Women in Technology: Leveraging Our Unique Abilities to Build Success
Wednesday, October 27th @ 6pm
Session Reference: 3613A
Room: South Seas A/B

 If you have a copy of Sam's book, bring it to the Wednesday reception for Sam to sign it.  If not, attend Sam's official signing session at the IBM Information on Demand Conference, on Thursday, October 28 from 12:30 – 1:30 pm.  Add this book signing to your schedule via the Smart Site Agenda Builder. His session is Anc # 3618.


Sam's passion is software development and recruiting and mentoring software engineers.  He recently published Making it Big in Software which encompasses everything he learned in a 20+ year career at IBM as a technical leader in management, software architecture and programming.  Come hear tips from Sam on jumpstarting your career, moving up, blazing your way to the top, working the organization,  successfully managing your time, projects and life and more!


PS... Join one of the groups so you never miss a date:

Facebook Fan Page - more than 400 members at the time of this writing.  This has been a fairly active page so far, so even if you haven't read the book yet, become a fan and learn more about the author and events surrounding the book.

LinkedIn Group - Career based articles and events about the book will be posted here.

Sam's Blog: The Making it Big Blog.  Sam has been summarizing some of the points he makes in his book and blogging about them.  Active blog and interesting entries. 


Read one chapter for free online:


Meet Neal Fishman, author of Viral Data in SOA: An Enterprise Pandemic

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Viral Data in SOA: An Enterprise Pandemic

by Neal Fishman


“This book is a must read for any organization using data-integration or data-interchange technologies, or simply any organization that must trust data. Neal takes the reader through an entertaining and vital journey of SOA information management issues, risks, discovery, and solutions. He provides a fresh perspective that no corporation should overlook; in fact, corporations might head blindly into SOA implementations without this awareness.”

–Kevin Downey, Senior Partner, Xteoma Inc., Canada

“Neal Fishman’s book on the viral affects of data is a much-needed warning signal for a time when critical consideration of risk and impact take a backseat in the thrive to integrate and apply new technologies. This book alerts its readers of potential risks and indicates how these can be minimized in real-world implementations. A must read for all decision makers for today’s increasingly complex information architectures.”

–Thomas Buehlmann, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Accenture, United States


This year at the IBM Information on Demand Conference, Neal is a speaker at several sessions and will be signing copies of his book.  Neal’s signing session is scheduled for Thursday, October 28 from 11:30  am – 12:30 pm..  Add this book signing to your schedule via the Smart Site Agenda Builder. His session is Anc # 3801.

Book Description:

Ensure the Reliability of the Data Your SOA Environment Depends Upon

Service-oriented environments can share data more widely and rapidly than ever before. Incorrect data can easily trigger inappropriate actions, prevent urgent actions from being taken, disrupt customer transactions and relationships, generate compliance problems, and damage business performance. Companies need a comprehensive blueprint for ensuring data reliability in their SOA environments. Viral Data in SOA provides that blueprint.

Leading IBM information forensics expert Neal Fishman helps you identify the unique challenges of data quality in your SOA environment–and implement solutions that deliver the best results for the long term at the lowest cost. Writing for both business and technical professionals, Fishman shows how to think about data quality on a risk/reward basis...establishing an effective data governance to evaluate data quality, and overcome its inevitable decay...and, last but not least, how to actually derive a data quality initiative that works.

Coverage Includes

• Why poor-quality data in SOA can be dangerous to an organization

• Practical solutions for assessing, improving, and sustaining trusted information

• Why data governance is so critical–and realistic models for implementing it

• Benefits of data provenance

• Why business data is a form of metadata

• Programming and database design techniques to improve data quality



Take a class: IBM solidDB Universal Cache Fundamentals

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 Kate’s blog lists all the Sunday courses that are offered this year at the IBM Information on Demand Conference, but I want to go into more detail for a few of these sessions.


Today I’ll mention this class:

IBM solidDB Universal Cache Fundamentals (E5903) with Marko Milek and John Seery
Discover the relational in-memory database technology and high-speed advanced replication components which comprise the solidDB Universal Cache.

First of all, this and the other pre-conference classes take place only on Sunday October 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This is a special one-day offering being presented on Sunday, October 24,2010 in conjunction with the IBM Information on Demand 2010 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Registration for the IOD Conference is NOT required to attend this Sunday class.

This training course is designed to introduce you to the relational in-memory database technology and high-speed advanced replication components which comprise the solidDB Universal Cache. This is the industry's first relational, in-memory caching technology that accelerates industry leading databases such as DB2, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase. Specific focus through in-depth lecture, examples, and use cases, will be put on the following topics: in-memory architecture, administration, installation and configuration, caching, performance, high availability, monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.


This training is designed to introduce you to the concepts a test candidate must know in order to take and pass the IBM solidDB and IBM solidDB Universal Cache certification exam (Exam 5550). The material for this course is aligned with the 5550 exam objectives.


Following aspects of the solidDB product family are addressed in the course:

  • Architecture
  • Administration
  • Installation and configuration
  • Database caching
  • High-availability
  • Performance
  • Monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting

Space is limited, so register now!



Meet Mike Biere, author of The New Era of Enterprise Business Intelligence

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Recently published: The New Era of Enterprise Business Intelligence

Using Analytics to Achieve a Global Competitive Advantage

By Mike Biere


This year at the IBM Information on Demand Conference, Mike is a speaker at several sessions and will be signing copies of his latest book.  Mike’s signing session is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27 from 11 am – noon.  Add this book signing to your schedule via the Smart Site Agenda Builder. His session is Anc # 3619B.

About his latest book:

A Complete Blueprint for Maximizing the Value of Business Intelligence in the Enterprise

The typical enterprise recognizes the immense potential of business intelligence (BI) and its impact upon many facets within the organization–but it’s not easy to transform BI’s potential into real business value. In The New Era of Enterprise Business Intelligence, top BI expert Mike Biere presents a complete blueprint for creating winning BI strategies and infrastructure, and systematically maximizing the value of information throughout the enterprise.

This product-independent guide brings together start-to-finish guidance and practical checklists for every senior IT executive, planner, strategist, implementer, and the actual business users themselves. Drawing on thousands of hours working with enterprise customers, Biere helps decision-makers choose from today’s unprecedented spectrum of options, including the latest BI platform suites and appliances. He offers practical, “in-the-trenches” insights on a wide spectrum of planning and implementation issues, from segmenting and supporting users to working with unstructured data.

Coverage includes

• Understanding the scope of today’s BI solutions and how they fit into existing infrastructure

• Assessing new options such as SaaS and cloud-based technologies

• Avoiding technology biases and other “project killers”

• Developing effective RFIs/RFPs and proofs of concept

• Setting up competency centers and planning for skills development

• Crafting a better experience for all your business users

• Supporting the requirements of senior executives, including performance management

• Cost-justifying BI solutions and measuring success

• Working with enterprise content management, text analytics, and search

• Planning and constructing portals, mashups, and other user interfaces

• Previewing the future of BI


This is not Mike’s first book.  Also from Mike:

2003’s Business Intelligence for the Enterprise

and Flashbook: New Intelligence for a Smarter Planet: Driving Business Innovation with IBM Analytic Solutions





Meet author Matthew Ganis “A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum”

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A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum

by Elizabeth Woodward, Steffan Surdek, and Matthew Ganis

This year at the IBM Information on Demand Conference, Matt Ganis will be signing copies of his latest book.  Matt’s signing session is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm.  Add this book signing to your schedule via the Smart Site Agenda Builder. His session is Anc # 3767.

Succeed with Scrum in Even the Largest, Most Complex Distributed Development Projects

Forewords by Ken Schwaber, Scott Ambler, Roman Pichler, and Matthew Wang

This is the first comprehensive, practical guide for Scrum practitioners working in large-scale distributed environments. Written by three of IBM’s leading Scrum practitioners—in close collaboration with the IBM QSE Scrum Community of more than 1000 members worldwide—this book offers specific, actionable guidance for everyone who wants to succeed with Scrum in the enterprise.

Readers will follow a journey through the lifecycle of a distributed Scrum project, from envisioning products and setting up teams to preparing for Sprint planning and running retrospectives. Each chapter presents a baseline drawn from “conventional” Scrum, then discusses additional issues faced by distributed teams, and presents specific best-practice solutions, alternatives, and tips the authors have identified through hard, empirical experience.

Using real-world examples, the book demonstrates how to apply key Scrum practices, such as look-ahead planning in geographically distributed environments. Readers will also gain valuable new insights into the agile management of complex problem and technical domains.

Coverage includes

  • Developing user stories and working with Product Owners as a distributed team
  • Recognizing and fixing the flaws Scrum may reveal in existing processes
  • Engaging in more efficient Release and Sprint planning
  • Conducting intense, brief daily Scrum meetings in distributed environments
  • Managing cultural and language differences
  • Resolving dependencies, performing frequent integration, and maintaining transparency in geographically distributed environments
  • Successfully running remote software reviews and demos
  • Brainstorming what worked and what didn’t, to improve future Sprints

This book will be an indispensable resource for every team leader, member, product owner, or manager working with Scrum or other agile methods in any distributed software development organization.




Meet James Bean, author of SOA and Web Services Interface Design: Principles, Techniques, and Standards

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Recently published: SOA and Web Services Interface Design: Principles, Techniques, and Standards

By James Bean

This year at the IBM Information on Demand Conference, James will be signing copies of his latest book.  Jim’s signing session is scheduled for Monday, October 25 from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm.  Add this book signing to your schedule via the Smart Site Agenda Builder. His session is Anc # 3847.


About this book:

In SOA and Web Services Interface Design, data architecture guru James Bean teaches you how to design web service interfaces that are capable of being extended to accommodate ever changing business needs and promote incorporation simplicity. The book first provides an overview of critical SOA principles, thereby offering a basic conceptual summary. It then provides explicit, tactical, and real-world techniques for ensuring compliance with these principles. Using a focused, tutorial-based approach the book provides working syntactical examples - described by Web services standards such as XML, XML Schemas, WSDL and SOAP - that can be used to directly implement interface design procedures, thus allowing you immediately generate value from your efforts. In summary, SOA and Web Services Interface Design provides the basic theory, but also design techniques and very specific implementable encoded interface examples that can be immediately employed in your work, making it an invaluable practical guide to any practitioner in today's exploding Web-based service market.

  • Provides chapters on topics of introductory WSDL syntax and XML Schema syntax, taking take the reader through fundamental concepts and into deeper techniques and allowing them to quickly climb the learning curve.
  • Provides working syntactical examples - described by Web services standards such as XML, XML Schemas, WSDL and SOAP - that can be used to directly implement interface design procedures.
  • Real-world examples generated using the Altova XML Spy tooling reinforce applicability, allowing you to immediately generate value from their efforts.
  • A companion website with all artwork and code examples accompanies the book.


This is not Jim’s first book.  Also from Jim:

XML for Data Architects: Designing for Reuse and Integration

Engineering Global E-Commerce Sites: A Guide to Data Capture, Content, and Transactions