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DB2 9 is a leading-edge hybrid data server that offers optimum storage, scalability, and availability. DB2 pureScale is a new technology primarily optimized for scale-out transactional processing clusters in an active-active manner. This succinct guide will show you how DB2 with pureScale can provide you transparent application scalability, the ability to deliver agile-like computing to your transaction systems, and extreme availability.


Want even more information about DB2 pureScale?  See the blog entry I wrote in August: More on DB2 pureScale.



Flashbook: IBM Cognos Analytics and Cloud Computing

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IBM Cognos Analytics and Cloud Computing: Best Practices for Deploying Cognos Business Intelligence to the IBM Cloud

by Anant Jhingran, Stephan Jou, William Lee, Thanh Pham, Biraj Saha


This book introduces cloud computing, workloads in cloud computing, analytics as a service, and its implementation using Cognos Software and provides guidance and considerations for your cloud solution, such as “Where should the data be located” and “How many images should I create?”  Step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure, secure and test a Cognos Business Intelligence deployment in the IBM Cloud are provided to help you get to a point where you have a saved private instance to an image that you can then deploy in minutes on demand.

Learn how to graduate from single images to multiple images and more complicated topologies that are better suited for production workloads and how to secure your Cognos cloud solution.

More advanced topics include moving from a single image to multiple images, scalability and performance, and how to plan for scaling to ensure a high performing solution.  Finally, tip are provided to ensure that your Cognos BI cloud solution is highly available and handles failover scenarios.