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1 DB2Locksmith commented Permalink

Excellent post Susan. <div>&nbsp;</div> As you know I am a huge fan of the Kindle, but I recently also bought an iPad. I see benefits in both. The iPad has color which makes the screen look more interesting. The Kindle offers a "text to speech" feature (with a monotone computer voice) that I have used frequently. I also use a Kindle app on my phone and another on my laptop. I like that I can sync to the last page read, regardless of which device I'm currently using. Amazon seems to always know where I left off! <div>&nbsp;</div> Yes, I still love my "paper" books. I still have roughly 1000 that I cherish. But, the benefits of the electronic versions have won me over. Here are the benefits I see from going electronic: <div>&nbsp;</div> 1. You don't have to lug 25 pounds of books to and from the office every day <br /> 2. You can easily search the electronic versions to find the topic of interest <br /> 3. With the Kindle "text to speech" you have a dual avenue for learning. You can read along as you hear the text which reinforces the information since you are using two senses instead of just one. <br /> 4. You can use a Kindle while you work out <br /> 5. You can vary the text size to your liking (a handy feature if you are a speed reader) . When adjusted correctly, each page will display the amount of information that your mind will absorb at a glance. It's a great way to train your brain to speed read as well. <br /> 6. With the text adjustment feature, you don't need reading glasses <br /> 7. When you are at the beach with your kindle, you don't need to worry about the sea breeze blowing away your place holder. <br /> 8. Ebooks are cheaper than paper books so you can buy more. <br /> 9. You can download samples without a commitment to purchase <br /> 10. When you're waiting at the soccer field to pick up your superstar, you can catch up on an article from one of your magazine subscriptions. <div>&nbsp;</div> To me ebook readers are like having a full library with you at all times without having to learn the Dewey Decimal System in order to find the book that you've been wanting to read "forever". <br />

2 s.o.r.i.n commented Permalink

For those of us who still want to keep and use the paper books, I found a great and free android app that you can use to catalog all your books with one click. All you have to do is scan the barcode on the back of the book and Voila! It automatically downloads the title, author, picture, etc. You can search, rate, share, loan books and basically keep track of your inventory. It's called 'Book free' from methosphere. They also have an app for movie DVDs, and of course my fave, the Wine catalog:)