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1 localhost commented Permalink

What happenned to the "Introduction to Data Sharing" that you mention above? It is no longer listed as an option in the IOD website. Too bad...

2 localhost commented Permalink

Likely it was canceled due to low enrollment... I'll check for sure.

3 localhost commented Permalink

The following sessions have been CANCELED due to low enrollment:<div>&nbsp;</div> DB2 9 fundamental Certification Crammer Roger Archambault ** <div>&nbsp;</div> UnLeash the KnowledgeWayne Cope <div>&nbsp;</div> IDS Beginners John Zucchero <div>&nbsp;</div> Behind the XML Glen Mules <div>&nbsp;</div> Sorry for any inconvenience. I'll post alternate ways to get this information for conference attendees.<div>&nbsp;</div> Susan<div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>