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Hi Susan,I would recommend you creating a podcast. I think a 5 minute clip of the preface of the book is a good idea and it allows people to have a sense of whether the book maybe suitable for what the person needs. I am beginning to get into podcasting, it does take practice though. The podcasts for the CASCON Business of Blogging workshop are available at with the RSS feed at Also, now that people have MP3 players and have large capacities, it's easy for them to download your podcast and sync it with their MP3 player and take it on the go. Audiobooks are popular now like for example where for a certain fee, you can purchase an audiobook and listen it in MP3 format. I think the author of the preface should do the podcast, so the listeners can get a good sense of who they will be reading. But seeing that authors are busy, if need be, then of course you can do the podcast. With new technology, the best thing to do is try it out. So I'd encourage you to do a pilot of one of the books. Alvin